NEW Breastfeeding Cover

Daisy Cover is a new Breastfeeding Poncho which brings both style and funcionality to Breastfeeding mums.

The Design protected functionality of this Breastfeeeding Cover is unique. It is specifically designed to rollup into itself so it can be neatly stored in your changing bag...
A real benefit when you have 100 other items to carry around!

If you are looking for a Breastfeeding Cover that looks good, offers discretion whilst breastfeeding and does't take up too much room in your bag then Daisy Cover is the Breastfeeding Cover for you!

Breastfeeding Cover - New

Daisy Cover Breastfeeding Cover

Created and developed by Breastfeeding Mums for Breastfeeding Mums to roll up and fit neatly into your changing bag

Breast feeding poncho - Folding guide